CDC no longer recommends COVID-19 testing if you don’t show symptoms

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CDC/Center for Disease Control. Photo via WINK News

You no longer have to get tested for the coronavirus if you come in contact with someone who has tested positive and then don’t show any symptoms yourself. The CDC changed its guidelines and no longer recommends it. Epidemiologists took to social media against this new CDC recommendation.

Admiral Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Servcices spoke during a 30-minute conference call with reporters Wednesday following the CDC changes. He said, if health experts actually read the new guidelines, there should be no confusion.

“Testing asymptomatic, not-exposed people should be limited to those situations as recommended by public health experts,” Giroir said.

But that’s not what the new guideline says. It says, if you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 and you’re not showing symptoms, you may not need a test.

Epidemiologists took to Twitter to express their anger.

Leanna Wen tweeted, “This makes no sense. People without transmissions account for up to 50% of transmissions.”

Allison Galvoni tweeted, “This change will kill.”

“I think people read into it what they want to read into it,” Giroir said. “We’re trying to get appropriate testing, not less testing.”

So how will these guidelines affect procedures already in place locally?

Gregory Turchetta, the executive director of marketing and media for Florida Southwestern University, said, between the World Health Organization, the CDC and state health officials, guidance is all over the place.

“The CDC changes it’s guidelines lately on a daily basis, so you can’t change your procedures and policies based on somebody’s recommendation every day,” Turchetta

Tuesday, FGCU’s president asked all students who attended reported fraternity parties over the weekend to get tested for the coronavirus. That no longer falls under CDC recommendations. FGCU said Wednesday it still urges students who went went to recently reported parties to get tested for COVID-19.

Giroir said countless times President Donald Trump had nothing to do with the CDC change of course.

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