People take to waterways in North Fort Myers in support of Democratic candidates

Reporter: Andryanna Sheppard Writer: Drew Hill
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On Saturday afternoon, people from across Southwest Florida gathered in North Fort Myers for what they deemed a “sunset eco-regatta” to show support for Democratic candidates at every level.

About 30 people came together, taping signs to their canoes and kayaks not just in support of the Biden-Harris campaign, but local democrats as well.

“I thought that this would be a great opportunity to mix and mingle a little bit and see where everybody stands and find out who is fighting to represent me,” said Toni Land, who was out on the water Saturday.

Dori Cowan said she wanted to interact with others who have similar ideals. “There is strength in number. We’re here to support like-minded people.”

The group says President Trump has caused division during his presidency. They also disapprove of his handling of the coronavirus.

Closer to home, they dislike how some groups are going about taking care of the waterways, so they’d like some change.

“I think it’s time that we replace some of the older faces and names that we hear on a regular basis and get some of the fresh faces some of the fresh ideas. The people who have a stronger idea of what it’s going to take to fix our economy as well as our ecology,” Land said.

But one woman outside Saturday believes that President Trump deserves another term and is excited to vote for him in November.

“I come out here every day to sit by the river and I saw all these Biden and Harris and everything else going on I said ‘all I need to say something about Donald Trump because he’s the one he’s the person he’s the man,'” said Brenda Silvers.

For the people out on the water today, four years has been long enough.

“It’s important that the working, that somebody gives the working-class people of Florida a voice,” said Ken Clairmont, who also came out to support democrats. “Someone that stands up and says enough is enough and that money isn’t always the answer to everything. Because we all live here, we all make a difference and without the working class of Florida, Florida does not exist.”

While the group says they will continue to hold campaign events like this, the real change comes at the polls in November.

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