Duo arrested on multiple drug charges after East Naples traffic stop

Gail Stull, 24, and Ross Vincent Licare, 26.

A traffic stop in East Naples on Tuesday ended in the arrests of two people after deputies found the fentanyl and drug equipment, including multiple blowtorches, in their vehicle.

Gail Stull, 24, from North Naples, and Ross Vincent Licare, 26, from East Naples, face multiple charges following their arrests.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports said deputies conducted a traffic stop on a tan Buick SUV on Santa Barbara Boulevard just north of Davis Boulevard around 2:15 a.m.

As deputies approached the vehicle, they observed the driver, Stull, and her front-seat passenger, Licare, moving excessively about the passenger area of the vehicle. At one point Stull reached into the rear floorboard and attempted to push a brown cigar box forward underneath the front passenger seat.

A large square piece of tin foil with a brown substance and black burn marks was in plain view on the front passenger floorboard. Reports said Licare attempted to conceal the foil with his left foot. There was also a small blue blow torch in the center console.

Deputies immediately recognized the combination of the blow torch and tin foil with residue as items used to “cook’’ or “chase” heroin or crystal methamphetamine by burning the narcotic and evaporating it for smoking or otherwise ingesting it, according to arrest reports.

While deputies directed Licare to step out of the vehicle, Stull stuffed what appeared to be a pipe down the front of her pants. A used meth pipe with burnt residue and a clear bag containing a crystal-like substance was retrieved from Stull’s waistband. The substance field-tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

A search of the vehicle turned up 100 small clear bags typically used to package narcotics in the front passenger door panel next to where Licare had been seating. A black cigar box beneath his seat contained two vials with an unknown substance and two small clear bags with suspect fentanyl. One of the bags field-tested positive for fentanyl, the other bag will be sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab for analysis.

A search of the brown cigar box that Stull had tried to conceal turned up multiple clear empty small bags for packaging narcotics, $60 cash, two vials of an unknown off-white powdery substance, two cut straws with residue, and a small clear bag with white powder. The white powder field-tested positive for fentanyl. The vials will be sent to FDLE.

Multiple rolls of aluminum foil were scattered throughout the vehicle. Two more blow torches and butane fuel were recovered.

Stull and Licare were placed under arrest and booked into the Collier County jail.

Stull is charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a synthetic narcotic with intent to purchase and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. Licare faces charges of possession of a synthetic narcotic with intent to purchase and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.

Licare was also charged with violation of an injunction for protection against domestic violence. Further investigation by deputies found that Stull had a restraining order against Licare. Licare violated the order by being in the car with Stull.

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