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Lee County updates long range transportation plan

Writer: Joey Pellegrino
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You now have a chance to influence how Lee County traffic will look up to 25 years from now.

Every five years, the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization updates its long range transportation plan. A survey is used to help the MPO identify projects that will best serve drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and people using public transportation.

Don Scott, executive director of the MPO, says your feedback will help with more than just roadway projects.

“We’re looking at questions about travel options and travel characteristics for different people out there, and we’re putting in some questions asking if anything’s changed during COVID[-19], too, from a transportation standpoint,” Scott said. “There’s also the technology side of it: more interconnected signals, smarter signals, I could say. And then also from the side of what’s coming in the future—is there other things, from vehicle things, that we can be able to do with autonomous vehicles and communication?”

Scott said the MPO will be spending around $2.5 billion on roadway, bike and pedestrian improvements through 2045.

The survey is easy to fill out. It asks questions like “How do you normally travel to work?” or “What is your commute time?” You have until Oct. 21 to participate.