Lee County providing resources for homeless, like those at Schandler Hall Park

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homeless in schandler park

Homelessness isn’t something John Clark is proud of nor how he got there. But he got back on his feet with the help of someone near and dear to his heart.

Clark said it was difficult to go back to the park he used to live in. “It’s sort of hard. I try to forget about the past.”

Just five years ago, John was depressed and hungry, and so was his dog, Princess. “I would have to find a way to get a couple of dollars up and go to Family Dollar and go get dog food for her. The way I was going, I would’ve been dead or something, I don’t know.”

Someone didn’t let that happen. A stranger named Solange was offering everyone in the park a deal: a warm meal and a trip to church.

“I said yeah, right, but I have the dog with me and I don’t know how that’s going to work, so she said take him with you, doesn’t matter,” Clark said.

He decided to go, but he couldn’t have known he’d find God and a mentor in Solange. After that, he had a trailer donated by a good Samaritan, a new place to call home.

Clark on Tuesday braved the painful reminders of what living in Schandler Hall Park felt like in hopes that his story might inspire others. But also, to inspire you to show the homeless the grace Solange showed him and to learn to trust God the way he has.

“He had to be the one. And I just expect He’s gonna do the same thing this time. So I just keep believing that,” Clark said.

Clark said he’s praying for all the people now living the situation he was in six years ago and said he’s ready to help in any way he can.

Lee County hopes their new ‘HOT Teams’ will be able to help people like Clark and everyone living in Schandler Hall Park.

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