Neighbor unhappy with messy empty lot used by construction crew in Cape Coral

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: WINK News.

An empty lot is causing a headache for neighbors in Cape Coral. People are upset with all of the construction and crews causing a mess in empty spots. It’s not an uncommon sight in neighborhoods where homes are still under construction.

Neighbor Debbie Scheid said there is no excuse for messy construction near her home, and she is tired of looking at it.

“It’s just atrocious,” Scheid.

Scheid’s home sits next-door to an empty lot, but construction crews have been using the land as a thoroughfare to get to the home behind it.

“They shouldn’t be driving on the vacant lots for the mere convenience to the construction workers,” Scheid said.

Scheid believes the bigger problem is the standing water left behind.

“It couldn’t go anywhere because the ditch hadn’t been dug out,” Scheid said.

Scheid tried to get code enforcement to do something about it and was unhappy with the response.

“That, basically, because the lots were vacant, it was a convenient use for the construction people to be able to do what they needed to do to get their jobs done,” Scheid said.

In fact, both the City of Cape Coral and the construction company told us its normal for crews to use a vacant lot for access and for staging equipment and materials.

Neighbor Fabiola Banderra also lives next-door to the property.

“It hasn’t been too much of a bother for us,” Fabiola said. “We’re excited to see the neighborhood grow.”

The construction crew told us they weren’t aware neighbors were upset and plan to avoid cutting through the lot.

As for the flooding, the city told us the contractor will fill in the swale. Scheid hopes they make it fast.

“I know we need the housing,” Scheid said. “I know we need the construction for tax purposes, tax basis. I’m not against any of that. I just feel that there’s a right way and a wrong way for them to do this.”

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