Voters tell whether they’re ‘better off’ than they were four years ago

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A new Gallup poll asks voters a simple question: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” A majority of registered voters, 56% say yes.

Many who said they’re better off say it’s because of President Trump. Others say taxes or healthcare are the reasons they’re doing better. But, those who are worse off also cite healthcare in addition to racial unrest.

For one simple question, there was no shortage of answers.

When Ronald Reagan posed that question to voters in 1979, their answers pushed him to the presidency. Voters, to this day, still ask the same question.

“Do you feel like you’re better off today than you were four years ago?” asked WINK News Reporter Dannielle Garcia.

“Absolutely…when I became a disabled vet I struggle to get my rights and finally when the president came in and changed you know the way the VA did their operations I just things were much smoother for me,” said Rocco Demas.

“If the business is doing good and our stock prices go up then I’m a lot better off,” said William Campbell, a Cape Coral voter.

Many feel like Thursday’s debate helped solidify their choice for president. “I think most everybody has made up their decision already and I think it solidified a lot of decisions I don’t think it changed a lot of minds,” said Paul Quick.

There don’t seem to be many undecided voters out there. “I don’t like Trump’s rhetoric I don’t like his tweeting but I like his policies,” said William Campbell.

But not everyone answered that question “better off” with a yes. So, they’re voting for change. “I feel like the vote mattered then but even more so now,” said Myri Del Leon, another Cape Coral voter.

Myri Del Leon took off work to bring her daughter, Yinette, here to vote for the first time. It’s her 18th birthday. “When I was hearing both sides I could definitely hear the difference between both personalities,” said Yinette. “And if I could do something to change and make a difference then I will do it

“When I think about the state of America four years ago and the state of America today our culture was more united,” Del Leon said. “I believe that the health care was better four years ago and a lot of this is in jeopardy now.”

“I had already made my mind up before the debate but I think the debate brought out a little bit more about the corruption of career politicians,” said one cape Coral voter. This is his first vote as an American Citizen. He says his vote for President Trump is about keeping America free.

So Del Leon says there’s only one thing that can make the next four years better for her. “If you don’t like what you see and you want to make a difference in the world you can use your vote to do that,” she said.

Debbie Gray said she’s actually switched parties. “I have actually switched parties. But I did not vote for Trump last time,” Gray said. She says she’s prepared to vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump. “He’s not a president that I can support at all,” he said.

Another thing about the Gallup poll, a record 77% of voters say this election matters more than any other election. This number includes Democrats and Republicans.

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