Cape Coral neighborhood wants permission to share road with golf carts

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Many neighborhoods allow golf carts onto the roadways, but often they are gated or on golf courses. One Cape Coral community is asking City Council for permission, and it could have an even larger impact.

When many people think of golf carts, they think of riding from hole to hole on the course. But these golf carts may be joining cars very soon.

John d’Eustachio lives along Southeast 10th Street and Southeast 11th Terrace in Cape Coral. “It’s a nicer way to be because, when you’re in a golf cart and you see your neighbor, you stop, and it’s a nice way to be,” d’Eustachio said.

John and his neighbors hope to be able to drive their golf carts on the road, similar to how the retirement community The Villages works.

“They really use their golf carts instead of their cars, and as a result, I think it’s a healthier environment and a nicer, slower-moving environment,” d’Estachio said.

Charles Piazza lives in Cape Coral too by Saratoga Park. His community received permission back in 2001 to drive golf carts on the street.

But Piazza thinks it’s a disaster waiting to happen, especially with kids behind the wheel. “My concern is, one day if a car doesn’t see them, it’s going to knock them over, then fall into the street and crack their skulls,” he said.

So Piazza hopes City Council is not in favor of the request. “I hope they vote against it because the fact is, if anyone gets hurt, they’re going to regret that decision,” said Piazza.

The issue is set to come back up in late February or March at a Committee of the Whole meeting.

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