Man accused of armed burglary, damaging property in Cape Coral

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Christopher Logan Fritz, 49. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Saturday, Cape Coral Police Department arrested suspect Christopher Logan Fritz, 49, after he was accused of trying to break into two homes in Cape Coral.

According to CCPD, police were in the 700 block of SE 35th Street near Country Club Boulevard in Cape Coral, where neighbors reported a man banging on homes and trying to get inside them.

Christopher Logan Fritz, 49. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

A homeowner, who did not want to interview on camera, told us he woke up to noise, thinking it was an animal knocking on the glass door to his lanai and walked out to find a man with a bloody gash on his face on the other side trying to get in. He and his fellow neighbors were shocked to learn the man accused of doing it lived a few houses down from them.

The homeowner told us he went and got his gun when he saw the bloodied man on the other side of his glass door. The neighbor says, when the suspect saw the gun, he put his hands up until police arrested him.

Neighbor Michael Phelps was unsettled to learn about Fritz’s arrest, activity uncommon for the neighborhood.

“I know the gentleman. I’ve talk to him several times, seems like an all-right guy,” Phelps said. β€œIt kind of disturbed me because, you know, I’ve been here for 18 years. It’s a quiet neighborhood. We don’t have stuff like this.”

Police say Fritz tried to get into another home on the same street before they arrested him. The victims say he was banging on their glass door bloody and partially naked.

Phelps said he was at work Saturday night, but he believes Fritz also tried to get into his home while his wife was asleep.

“My wife had told me that somebody tried to get in our front door, and of course, my dog was going crazy on him, and she was in the back room,” Phelps said. β€œShe heard the door slam, so she knew it was somebody.”

A neighbor’s security camera caught police searching the area with flashlights around the time of the reported burglaries.

Neighbors in the area say they are not used to police activity where they live, so they hope this is the last time something like this happens.

“When something like this happens, it worries you,” Phelps said. β€œIt worries you about the state of what’s going on around here.”

“I’m sure it’s out of the ordinary because it doesn’t sound like anybody that would do something like that all of the time,” neighbor Kathy Mullen said.

Neighbors told us Fritz moved into the neighborhood a few months ago from Kentucky. They think he was drunk when he tried breaking in.

Investigators say Fritz had a gun with him at the time and a concealed carry license for Kentucky.

Fritz bonded out of jail and faces two counts of armed burglary and a charge for criminal mischief (damaging property over $200, under $1,000).

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