Barber in Collier County saves client from choking during haircut

Reporter: Val Simpson Writer: Drew Hill
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Credit: Barrio Cuts Barbershop

When a man began choking during a haircut, this barber came to the rescue.

This happened at a barbershop in Collier County just a few weeks ago. Since then, the barbershop posted the video on Facebook but

That barber spoke to WINK News about the scary moments.

This seems like any other day at Barrio Cuts Barbershop. But, in just seconds, the atmosphere changes.

Israel De La Rosa is the Owner of Barrio Cuts. “By the end of the cut he started holding his cough and I saw him not wanting to let it out,” he said. “And before you knew it he was choking, his whole face became red, veins popping out, his eyes red.”

His client needed help, and fast, while he was still in the chair. De La Rosa started patting him on the back.

“But when I saw that wasn’t working, I scoot him over the seat a little bit toward the front of the seat because his body went limp and I started doing the Heimlich maneuver,” said De La Rosa.

He learned this technique while he was in a juvenile detention center as a teenager.

“What to do when somebody’s choking things like that… I would think I would remember but I guess somethings you don’t forget,” he said.

This isn’t the first time he puts his skills to the test at his barbershop. Two years ago, this happened with a child.

“As soon as I saw him, we went over me and Sampoll and we were able to get the candy out of his mouth,” De La Rosa said.

As a business owner, De La Rosa wants to emphasize the need for someone in the building to know the Heimlich maneuver and other first aid techniques.

“It’s just things that happened, you never prepared for them…you know… thank God we were able to do what we did,” said De La Rosa.

The client in the chair says he is extremely thankful for De La Rosa’s help. And, he’ll absolutely be going back to the barbershop.

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