Lee County Public Schools to work on best practices for LGBTQ students

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The Lee County School Board will hold a Monday workshop focusing on best practices for the LGBTQ student community, in response to some of those students saying they weren’t getting the support they need from teachers and faculty.

After a motion to designate October as LGBTQ History Month failed, many students and people in the community felt the school board did not want to take a stand or get involved. But they say this 9 a.m. workshop is a step in the right direction. Its goal is to review policies-, such as the anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies, to make sure everyone is safe and included at school.

“We have the statement of non-discrimination policy for the School District of Lee County,” said school board member Mary Fischer. “And we now include identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, in that statement of non-discrimination, so that we can ensure that all groups are treated equitably, and, you know, not disrespected.”

One former Lee County student, Michael George, said many kids like himself didn’t feel safe coming out, because it was never talked about.

“It almost felt like this secret that you shouldn’t bring up, because no one is even talking about it, which makes it feel like you, yourself, should keep it secret,” George said.

He hopes today’s words from the school board turn into action.

“My hope is that people realize that LGBTQ students need resources that they can be guided to, to talk to people about their identities and also be taught that schools are a safe space where they can be themselves,” George said. “And as long as they feel comfortable, I feel like they have a space to flourish.”

That is what school board members say they want to accomplish at Monday’s meeting.
Now this comes at a time where theres a lot of conversations around transgender students playing in sports.
Legislations surrounding this is also something thats expected to come up in the workshop.

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