Mailman makes sure granddaughter’s letter reaches grandparents in North Naples

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Going out of his way to make sure grandparents feel the love, a mailman helped deliver a special message to them.

A young girl sent a letter to their grandparents but didn’t have a house number for the street address.

Luckily for the family, the mailman knows everyone on his route by name and it helped solve the mystery.

It might have been just a day on the job for Rob, the mailman, but to these North Naples grandparents and their 7-year-old granddaughter, it was a very special delivery.

“He gets to know everybody. He does,” Grandma Christina Rosenthal said. “He makes a point of knowing people’s names.”

Granddaughter Madeline had mailed a letter with the names nana and grandpa on an envelope all the way from where she lives in North Carolina.

“We don’t really get to see each other very much because he lives down in Florida,” Madeline said. “But I like writing letters to him because I get to hear from him all the time.”

“It gives me a way to stay in touch with them,” Grandpa Mike Rosenthal said. “Her spelling isn’t quite as good. Her letters aren’t quite as good, but she’s getting better.”

Without a house number or the names of her grandparents on the envelope, Madeline’s latest handwritten message still made it into Rosenthal’s mailbox.

“I don’t know how the mailman … ever figured out which nana, and grandpa it was on a street of 20 nanas and grandpas,” Mike said.

The Rosenthals later figured out Rob remembered the two were from North Carolina.

“I was amazed that it got here, just amazed,” Mike said.

It’s a small gesture not lost to this family.

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