Argument in Cape Coral parking lot ends in shots fired

Reporter: Zach Oliveri Writer: Drew Hill
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cape plaza shooting scene
Credit: WINK News

An argument in a Cape Coral parking lot ended in gunshots. Now, police are on the hunt for the shooter.

It happened early Sunday at the Santa Barbara Centre on Hancock Bridge Parkway near SW Pine Island Road.

Police said several people were involved in the argument that led to one person being shot.

People who work and live near the plaza are left with an uneasy feeling knowing this happened so close by.

“It is pretty scary actually, I live around here. This is the people who come in here I know, I work with. I talk to them all that stuff. So to know that’s happening in this area is very frightening,” said Logan Frank.

The Cape Coral Police Department is still investigating and said they believe stemmed from an argument.

Lawrence Force doesn’t believe pulling a gun was necessary. “I’m kind of old school; you can settle things without having to pull a weapon.”

“I truly believe if you have something to talk about, you either talk about it with your words or your fists,” he said. Frank has worked in the plaza for 10 months and also goes there to shop and eat.

Plenty of people were shocked to see the parking lot turn into a crime scene.

“Taken back a little that it happened so close to home,” Force said. “When you hear these things, it doesn’t shock you anymore that you hear this kind of stuff but you know, it’s still shocking that it happened here in Cape Coral.”

CCPD said they are still looking into what started this argument. They have not mentioned where the search for the shooter stands.

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