Community helps rebuild after Cape Coral church is vandalized

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cape vandalized church
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A church was vandalized and caused more than $1,000 in damage.

The basketball hoop that kids used to play with shattered and vulgar words were spray-painted in the parking lot.

This happened in the past week at Water’s Edge Church in Cape Coral.

Chruch members were saddened to see the damage but the community stepped up and helped them do some repairs.

Taya Salyers saw that her church’s basketball hoop was destroyed, it brought her to tears.

“I’m praying for whoever did this. Obviously, they’re really in some pain. It’s really sad to see your church graffitied,” Salyers said.

There were four distinct holes smashed into the basketball hoop and offensive messages spray-painted onto the ground.

The vandals left shattered glass all over the place and caused an estimated $1,200 worth of damage.

The church filed a police report with Cape PD.

Donald Neace is the church’s lead pastor. “To see this kind of damage and vandalism it just…we’re more hurt than angry,” Neace said.

Especially because this hoop was a gift to the community so everyone could have a safe place to play.

Now, the community wants to know why someone would do such a thing.

“When I’m going to work driving down this road I see kids here so I definitely know it’s being used by the neighborhood so I’m not really sure why they would destroy it,” Salyers said.

Most of the damage has since been cleaned up but the members decided to leave God is…” as a message.

“It’s two simple words that really define how we feel about the situation regardless God is and he’s not going anywhere and neither are we,” said Salyers.

The church received enough donations to pay for the damage this morning.

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