Lee County students celebrate last day of unique school year

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No more teachers, no more books. Thursday was the last day of school for thousands of students in Lee County, but they’ll have to enjoy it quickly – summer break is only seven weeks long this year!

North Fort Myers High School students who spoke with WINK News on their last day said they’re just ready to move on to next year.

“Thank God. Because school was, it was stressful, it was very stressful,” said junior Daywill Diaz.

“I don’t know how to really describe it. I can kinda describe it as both insufferable and enjoyable at the same time,” said Demitrius Adams, a sophomore.

Every year, no matter the circumstances – and yes, this year’s were unique – there are highs and lows in high school. There is no surprise when it comes to this year’s lows.

“Lows? Definitely all the restrictions,” Daywill said.

“Masks,” said senior Iolani Rivera.

“Uh, yeah, they [masks] were annoying,” said freshman Virgil Maloy.

“Yeah, just wish the water fountains were more open,” Demetrius said.

“If you’re sitting next to someone with COVID, everyone around them gets sent home,” Daywill said.

“That was kind of annoying,” Demitrius said.

But our kids and our teachers are tough. Slowly but surely, things started to turn around so as school let out for the summer in Lee County, there were a lot of smiles and a lot of memories of lots of highs you only get in school.

“We started playing chess,” Daywill said. “So I played against all my classmates; there were like eight of them, and I actually won the chess game.”

“I’m in JROTC class where we had some dance-off,” Demitrius recalled.

“Senior crowning is when old seniors graduate and the juniors become new seniors and we make crowns and we walk around school,” Iolani said.

“It was during Halloween, it was like a little Spirit Week, so we were wearing our Halloween costumes,” Demitrius said.

There was a lot of good, and God willing, there is better yet to come. So, what are these kids looking forward to?

“I’m excited to not be a freshman,” Virgil said.

“Not wearing masks, hopefully, that’s definitely one,” Demitrius said.

“Hopefully returning back to normal, bit by bit,” Daywill said.

“I don’t have to deal with final exams again until next year,” Demitrius said.

“Sports, really. Hopefully, I can get some colleges to look at me,” Virgil said.

There’s no denying the pandemic disrupted a lot. There was prom – outside – and not everyone went.

“Parents including mine were very scared of COVID; I had a ticket – it was hard to get a ticket – but I couldn’t go,” Demitrius said.

So for many, that’s a milestone they look forward to next year.

There’s also that favorite subject and a favorite teacher that so many students can’t wait to return to.

For Daywill, it’s history and “Mr. Rose … he’s very good at teaching, I love it.”

Virgil said he likes reading and he likes his teacher, while Iolani is heading to culinary school.

“Probably psychology or robotics,” Demetrius said.

They’re all looking ahead as they leave behind a different – and difficult – school year.

“I hope it doesn’t happen again,” Daywill said, laughing.

And who can blame him?

These kids won’t have to wait too long to go back to school. Lee County’s public school students will return Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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