City of Cape Coral hopeful grant could lead to better internet service

Writer: Melissa Montoya
Published: Updated:
Michelle Daniel says her internet service does not work well in Cape Coral where she lives. (CREDIT: WINK News)

The internet service in parts of northwest Cape Coral is so frustrating that some people can’t log in.

But now, the city is working on a solution after numerous complaints from homeowners about shoddy internet service north of Pine Island Road.

“I know that’s where the biggest need is at this time but just to have either fiber optics throughout the city or some type of enhancement,” said Cape Coral Mayor John Gunter. “I think this is definitely something that we need to take a very close look at and try to move forward.” 

For Michelle Daniel, trying to connect to the internet from her home is tough.

“It just times out,” Daniel said.

She gets no connection at all.

“I can’t search online. It is impossible. The system times out. It takes six or seven minutes to load a page,” Daniel said.

In the age of working from home, going to school at home, shopping from home, bad internet service becomes a quality of life issue.

The best option: partner with a new broadband provider which would qualify the city for a much-needed grant.

Cape Coral would get financial aid to improve broadband infrastructure.

And in theory, they would get Daniel online when she wants without the struggle like she has now.

“I will have to go to a family member’s home or public place in order to use the internet because I cannot upload and download my files to do my basic work from home,” Daniel said.

Daniel said she mainly gets spotty service during business hours but the best time to browse online is the middle of the night.


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