Cape Coral wants to incentivize businesses to hire Cape Coral residents

Reporter: Michelle Alvarez
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The City of Cape Coral wants to incentivize businesses to set up shop in their city.

The City of Cape Coral is working to bring in new jobs so homeowners and renters don’t have to cross the bridges for work.

It’s a city where many people live and where few people work.

Cape Coral wants to change that by offering businesses incentives.

“The incentives are going to focus on attracting and expanding opportunities for office light industries and mixed-use developments, which do yield higher property values and better-paying jobs while diversifying our economic base,” said Melissa Mickey, public information specialist for Cape Coral.

Tim McKindles is director of Human Resources at Ecological Laboratories, a biological technology firm in Cape Coral.

Businesses like this could be eligible to receive funding under this new program.

“I think it’s just a big positive,” McKindles said. “If they make it more attractive for businesses not only to come here but to stay here, then we, in turn, will go ahead and make it more attractive for people to apply here.”

The money would be funded by local business tax proceeds and investment earnings.

Amir Neto is director of the Regional Economic Research Institute at FGCU.

Neto said incentive programs are a big part of policymaking, especially on a local level.

“It’s really on the hands of the policymakers in devising a policy that is catering to the local community, and aligning incentives and outcomes really well so we can have a sustainable impact in the community,” Neto said.

That’s a long to of saying Cape Coral wants more people who live in the city to work in the city. According to the City, the matter has not yet been voted on.

“Last Wednesday’s meeting was a workshop meeting,” said Maureen Buice, assistant to the city manager. “The Council doesn’t vote at workshop meetings; however, the Council supports the program. The program will be introduced at the next meeting and voted on in January.”

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