D1 sports training facility to open in Southwest Florida

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NFL players are one step closer to opening their D1 sports training facility in Southwest Florida. Tre Boston and Sammy, and Jaylen Watkins want to bring this facility to life to help kids, adults, and even professional athletes meet their goals.

The doors to the D1 Athletic Training facility will open on Mar. 14. But WINK News did get a sneak peek at crews painting before the equipment is put in.

These local legends hope their new space can bring a community together. Their dream is becoming a reality.

That reality is coming in the form of a 7,300- square foot facility. For Sammy and Jaylen Watkins, both of whom are Super Bowl champions, this facility is one of their most significant accomplishments.

“The smallest, but how can we leave a legacy? How can we give back?” Sammy said.

“We’re bringing a business, and we’re showing kids you can come back you can build a business,” Jaylen said.

Along with fellow Southwest Florida NFL player Tre Boston, these brothers have a game plan for their community. That game plan includes bringing a D1 athletic training facility to Fort Myers. The three say they’ve been working on this project for years.

“We’re trying to elevate them as a community the kids are going to benefit and the adults as well,” said Boston.

This trio fulfilled their dreams of playing in the NFL and are now at the top of their game. With access to the equipment they use in the pros and some of the wisdom they’ve acquired, they’re hoping they can teach the next generation of athletes.

“We’re producing those… those freaks like you know the kids that will come in, know themselves, be the best, you know. They’re going to lift the most be the strongest because they’ve been doing it for years,” Boston said.

That doesn’t just mean athletes, but it extends to athletic people. “You have plenty of people who are athletic, and you know, holding their own and putting in work, so for those same people, we hope they come in and put in work with other athletes,” said Jaylen.

The trio also said they do have plans to expand. They got this franchise right before the pandemic began, delaying that plan for two years. But, now that construction is almost complete, they’re excited to see the impact the facility will have on the community.

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