Southwest Florida gas prices drop below $4 a gallon

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Paul Dolan
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Gas showing $3.89 a gallon in Port Charlotte. (CREDIT: WINK News)

People in Southwest Florida are excited to see gas below $4 a gallon for the first time in a while.

Gas in Port Charlotte was $3.89 a gallon and people said it’s bringing back a bit of normalcy to their life.

For now, customers paying $5 a gallon is in the rearview mirror. AAA said the national average for gas is $4.49 a gallon. But, compared to the average, drivers in Charlotte County are paying less and saving more.

One man not only filled up his vehicle he also filled up a bunch of gas cans.

Robert O’Conner was delighted by the drop in prices. “I’m so happy,” O’Connor said.

Tanya Sargeant saw the low price when she was running errands in Port Charlotte.

“I’m very happy; that’s why I drove down this way,” Sargeant said. She also said she knows what she’s going to do with the cash she’s saving at the pump: spend it.

“Marvelous,” Sargeant said. “I can go out and have dinner now.”

O’Connor owns a business that relies on gas and said the lower prices are a relief. “I have a transport business,” O’Connor said. “So, I’m putting in $100 every day so this is amazing for me.”

GasBuddy said that gas being below $4 a gallon phenomena is centered in Charlotte County. James Malone knows this first hand because he stopped at the Wawa on Del Prado in Cape Coral and paid $4.13. “You can look at the sign over there and see that it’s a dollar and a half more and it’s still regular gas,” Malone said.

Anybody that wants to save at the pump, get over to Port Charlotte.

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