Shark attack forces a 10-year-old to get leg amputated in Florida Keys

Writer: Paul Dolan
10-year-old Jameson Jr. attacked by a shark losing part of his leg. (CREDIT: JOSHUA REEDER)

10-year-old Jameson Jr. lost a leg after a shark attacked him in the Florida Keys while snorkeling on Saturday.

According to the family’s Facebook post, Jameson was attacked by what they believe was a bull shark around 8-feet-long.

The family quickly got him back on the boat and started rushing to shore. Paramedics were on standby at the shore to help including a helicopter that was ready to airlift him to the hospital.

The helicopter airlifted Jameson Jr. and his mother Mary to Miami Children’s Hospital.

Picture of Jameson Jr. and his parents, Jameson Sr and Mary Reeder along with his brothers Noah and Nehemiah and sister Eliana. (CREDIT: JOSHUA REEDER)

Doctors had to remove/amputate from just below the knee to save his life because it was not operable from damage that the shark caused.

Jameson has since gotten out of surgery and is resting and recovering. Jameson is in good spirits and keeps a positive attitude about the entire devastating situation and outcome.

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