Red drift algae washes up on Bunche Beach

Reporter: Michael Hudak Writer: Matthew Seaver
Red drift algae
Red drift algae on Bunche Beach. (Credit: WINK News)

Algae buildup on a Southwest Florida beach is leaving the area smelling awful. Bunche Beach in Lee County has algae accumulated on the shore.

Despite the smell, people were still out enjoying the beach on Wednesday.

Maya & Allison may not have picked the best beach to enjoy, but they are making the most of it. “Never been to Florida, so I figured I’d come now,” said Allison.

What a time to try it out too. Red drift algae is everywhere along Bunche Beach, but one of the girls can’t even smell it.

“Nope. COVID ruined my nose,” said Allison.

Maya, on the other hand, could smell the algae. “I can smell it! She’s like, ‘let me walk over here!’ I’m like, ‘please stop walking over there I’m not walking with you, man.”

Red drift algae is not toxic, but even if you can’t smell it, you can see it at Bunche Beach.

WINK News reached out to Lee County about the algae. The county said it is monitoring the situation.

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