Cape Coral preparedness for a big storm

Reporter: Michael Hudak Writer: Paul Dolan
Cape Coral
How Cape Coral canals are impacted by a big storm. (CREDIT: WINK New)

Anytime a storm hits, there’s always a fear that canals will overflow and cause major issues, especially in Cape Coral.

Another fear for people living in Cape Coral is not having everything they need, which means people are getting supplies like food, water, and gas.

A run on water has already begun at a few stores as people start stocking up on essentials.

Cape Coral
How storm surge impacts Cape Coral canals. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Keith Rossell, a Southwest Florida resident for the last 15 years, shared some of his experiences with WINK News.

“I was out and about in the community … and I call it the ‘H-Word’ because ‘Hurricane’ comes up and boom, everyone goes nuts,” Rossell said. “And I just tell people just get prepared, don’t panic, and just watch out for each other.”

cape coral
If the storm comes from the north that would dramatically impact canals in Cape Coral. (CREDIT: WINK News)

WINK News meteorologists explained, for Cape Coral, the best case scenario is if the storm takes a southerly turn. That means if the storm makes landfall as far south as possible, that would actually suck water out of the canals before the storm. As a result, that would lessen the surge impact of the storm.

However, if the storm were to hit north of Cape Coral, the canals would likely overflow. In that case, prepare your homes and yourself.

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