FEMA replaces Fort Myers Beach trailer that was in the wrong place

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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The FEMA trailer placed in the wrong spot on Fort Myers Beach has been replaced with the correct one.

WINK News first reported on the FEMA trailer after learning it was the first on the island after Hurricane Ian. It’s officially been removed by FEMA because it couldn’t legally be there in the first place.

Fort Myers Beach FEMA trailer placed in the wrong location. (Credit: WINK News)

“I don’t know what’s going on here,” said Jim Maloney, who is waiting for a FEMA trailer on Fort Myers Beach. “Nobody seems to know what they’re doing.”

For the last week, Maloney has seen the trailer just down the street from him turn the town of Fort Myers Beach upside down.

“My first thought was, Oh no,” said Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers.

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Fort Myers Beach FEMA travel trailer that replaced the one placed by mistake. (Credit: WINK News)

Maloney saw the trailer come, and he saw the trailer go while he waited for his own. “They called me in November and told me I’d have a trailer within 10 to 12 days. And now here we are again. Back where we started,” said Maloney. “I was there yesterday, and no response from him at all. They don’t know. They said that I’ll get a call.”

Maloney also said the FEMA representatives who he saw in person at their Gateway location told him why it’s been taking so long. “Because they can’t get a hold of people who supply the trailers, apparently, and they don’t have a phone number for me to call, so I can’t find out. So I don’t understand how one entity or the government doesn’t have the other entity’s number.”

The people who love Maloney can’t stand to see him struggle like this.

“He’s a disabled veteran. He served his country. He’s done everything correctly. He’s filled out the forms. He’s talked to every government agency. And to not have any stability or security. It’s just… Not good,” said Anne Neaf, who is caring for Maloney.

It is not all bad news for Maloney. Thanks to one of our stories, a family with the means to help him has reached out and is working to make that happen.

The trailer that replaced the one that was removed is still empty. FEMA says it is working with FPL to get power to the trailer so the person who owns the property can move in.

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