New details released in Fort Myers High School break-in

Reporter: Emma Heaton Writer: Paul Dolan
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Police have released new details in the arrest of a Fort Myers man accused of breaking into Fort Myers High School late May 10.

Louis Pastrana, 25, allegedly squeezed his body through the security bars located along the school’s perimeter, where he proceeded to roam around the school for hours, said Fort Myers Police, just before staff and students arrived.

Kenneth Trump is the President of National School Safety and Security Services.

“The good news is nothing happened seriously to harm kids. The bad news is that creates a great deal of uncertainty because it did happen,” Trump said.

He believes Lee County schools are making a mistake by not answering questions head-on. Lee County schools have refused to talk to WINK News since discovering what happened.

A district spokesperson asked WINK News in an email, “What, exactly does WINK think it’s missing?”

First of all, why was the door left unlocked? Secondly, how could someone wander the school and nobody notice? Thirdly, why should parents trust the school with the safety of their child when safety protocols clearly failed?

Pastrana, a 5-foot-6-inch tall man, weighing 135 pounds, was able to get through the fence. After analyzing the fencing around Fort Myers High on Friday, there is maybe a six-inch gap between most of the bars. However, the bars closer to the right side of the wall are slightly wider. It’s a flaw that Trump said must be addressed.

“There needs to be some reassurances and candid, transparent, authentic communications with parents, where you acknowledge the incident happened: we had some steps in place, here’s what worked, here’s what didn’t work, and here’s what we’re doing to try to reduce the risk of it happening again,” Trump said.

Pastrana eventually entered a classroom where he took a plastic bag with money inside from a teacher’s desk.

Pastrana also messed with a teacher’s lunch container, which was later used to get fingerprints.

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