Charlotte County Animal Control investigating dog dragged in Port Charlotte

Reporter: Jolena Esperto
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Charlotte County Animal Control has confirmed they’ve identified the truck and the driver responsible for dragging a dog down a road.

The incident on Durant Street was caught on a neighbor’s security camera and has rattled the neighborhood.

Authorities started with the video and then examined the blood stains left behind.

The dog, which did not survive, was dragged for as much as half a mile.

Animal Control knows who the driver is, which makes people in Port Charlotte feel better.

The video is graphic and disturbing.

Jamie Boyle was with his buddy when he saw the pickup drag the dog.

“He said something’s wrong … I happened to look over, and he said he’s dragging an effing dog,” Boyle said.

Charlotte County Animal Control Officer Colby Mazzoni said it’s a sad case.

“I don’t think he purposely did it, unfortunately. But you know, being negligent and something like that,” Mazzoni said. “It’s pretty cruel. So we’re still treated as like cruelty case.”

Mazzoni confirmed the dog died.

But so far, the office is not ready to arrest.

“Brutal way to go when being drugged like that. But if the guy did it on purpose, and no, I don’t know what would save him but I think it has to be to me in my mind. It has to be a horrific accident. Just like maybe he just wasn’t paying attention,” said Todd Tyler.

Tyler has a dog of his own, and that dog had puppies.

“I’m having a hard time. I can’t stop thinking about it now,” he said. “The bloody paw prints down here’s what really affected me the most is pretty traumatic.”

The dog was little, he said.

Animal Control said they do not have a timetable as to when it might decide to file charges.

Neighbors told WINK News when they finally caught up to the driver he told them to mind their own business and used some foul language.

One witness said a passenger in the car looked shocked and upset to see the dog when he got out.

Boyle wants to know why Animal Control hasn’t arrested the driver.

“We know who he is. We will wait, honestly, until we have put his case through and then his details will come out. Unfortunately, that is something that the public will have to wait to find out. But it will be coming,” Mazzoni said.

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