Immigrant advocates announce federal lawsuit against Florida’s so-called ‘anti-migrant’ law

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Immigrant advocates are filing the first lawsuit against the recently approved Florida law that places restrictions on undocumented migrants and their families. It restrains their ability to find work, drive a car, and get medical treatment.

“We’re all affected by the (SB11718) law, so many of my coworkers left for other states,” said Francisco Ixscoy, an immigrant from Guatemala.

“This lawsuit is going to seek an injunction, looking to stop the implementation of Section 10,” said Paul Chavez, a senior supervising attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of five pro-immigrant organizations challenging SB1718 in a federal lawsuit.

He refers to the section where…

“,,,a person commits a third-degree felony when he or she knowingly and willfully transports into this state an individual whom the person knows or reasonably should know has entered the united states in violation of the law and has not been inspected by the federal government since his or her unlawful entry from another country.”

Ixscoy said that portion of the law affects him.

“We have relatives in other states who come visit us during holidays, now they are not going to come, nor will we go anywhere either,” he said.

So why was Section 10 picked for the first lawsuit against SB1718?

“In this lawsuit, we are arguing that section is unconstitutional on its base, we don’t need any facts, we don’t need anybody to be arrested,” said Chavez.

“I agree to it, I think there should be a lawsuit,” said Gio Reyes, whose brother is an undocumented immigrant from Honduras.

Reyes said the lack of work may force his brother to leave South Florida, that’s why he agrees with the legal action.

“We are the only ones who work in construction, Central Americans, nobody else wants to work on that,” said Reyes.

Prior to July 1st, when Governor Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law, the undocumented community went out on marches, protesting throughout Miami-Dade asking for clemency and justice.  

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