Bald eagle with a fractured wing rescued from Naples rooftop

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Injured bald eagle getting treatment at von Arx Wildlife Hospital. CREDT: SWFL CONSERVANCY

An injured bald eagle found stranded on the roof of Sugden Community Theatre has been rescued.

The Naples Police Department notified the von Arx Wildlife Hospital about the injured raptor, Saturday, after a call came into them.

According to the von Arx Wildlife Hospital, the eagle was seen with a disproportionally drooping right wing by John Stuesser, who later sent a picture to hospital staff.

An injured bald eagle discovered on a Naples rooftop. CREDIT: SWFL CONSERVANCY

Tim Thompson, a Conservancy Wildlife Hospital volunteer, was sent to Sugden Theatre on Fifth Avenue South to rescue the injured bird of prey.

Once at the theatre, everyone involved in the rescue was set in particular places surrounding the bird. The concern was that perhaps, out of desperation, the eagle would jump off the second-story roof and further injure itself.

The rescue was tense, careful but above all successful.

The injured bald eagle getting rescued by hospital staff. CREDIT: SWFL CONSERVANCY

Staff at the wildlife hospital gave the eagle pain medication and plenty of rest before taking radiographs and examining the drooping wing.

Results indicated the eagle had a fractured wing and significant soft tissue damage where the fracture occurred. Also, the bald eagle had multiple lacerations on its feet.

Due to the injury, the bald eagle will take antibiotics to aid its recovery, and staff is minimizing daily handling. Nevertheless, the eagle’s recovery will take at least three months.

Injured bald eagle getting treatment at the hospital. CREDIT: SWFL CONSERVANCY

The Conservancy’s website said, “If you believe you have a situation involving a sick, injured or orphaned animal, please call the wildlife hospital for guidance. Being prepared to text photos and video of the situation will help staff determine the appropriate course of action. The sooner an animal receives professional help, the less suffering it endures. Prompt medical attention is imperative no matter what species is involved. Please call us at 239-262-2273 for wildlife assistance.”

The injured bald eagle wasn’t the only animal keeping hospital staff busy last week. The von Arx Wildlife Hospital admitted 62 other animals, too. Among them, a Florida softshell turtle, two great horned owls, a red knot, a big, brown bat, a northern waterthrush and a sanderling.

Click here to watch the full video of the rescue.

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