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Steve Irwin

Crikey! The Crocodile Hunter persona and name shine like a beacon for wildlife conservationists worldwide, and on Nov. 15, also known as Steve Irwin Day, it’s important to remember what he accomplished as a wildlife conservationist, wildlife advocate, father and celebrity.

According to the Australia Zoo, at a youthful 6 years old, Irwin caught his first venomous snake, and a short three years later, he was removing problem crocodiles.

Irwin showcased a passionate, enthusiastic and encyclopedic knowledge of wildlife on his show “The Crocodile Hunter,” beginning in 1992. It was common to hear him yell his signature phrase “Crikey” while handling a deadly spider, enormous crocodile or highly venomous snake.

“I’ve been put on this planet to protect wildlife and wilderness areas, which in essence is going to help humanity,” Irwin said in an interview with his customary passion and sincerity. “I wanna save the world, and you know money? Money is great. I can’t get enough money. And do you know what I’m going to do with it? I’m going to buy wilderness areas with it. Every single cent I get goes straight into conservation.”


According to, “Steve Irwin Day represents the many things Steve was passionate about: family, fun and wildlife conservation. It’s a day where people around the world join together to raise money for Wildlife Warriors to help continue Steve’s conservation work and the preservation of wildlife and wild places.”

Irwin expanded a wildlife park and renamed it Australia Zoo in 1998. That’s where he and his wife Terri had their vision of wildlife conservation headquartered. Steve and Terri had two children, Bindi and Robert, who continue pushing for and engaging with their parents’ wildlife conservation attitude.

Irwin tragically died in 2006 from a sting ray’s barb piercing his chest while out in open water.

Irwin has many accomplishments, but some of the most unique include discovering a new turtle species in 1997, eventually named Irwin’s turtle, receiving the Service to Global Conservation and Australian Tourism award in 2001, establishing a 334,00-acre national reserve on Cape York named the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, and in 2015 posthumously receiving the Queensland Greats Award.

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