‘I want them beheaded’: Man arrested for disturbing threats against deputies

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
Published: Updated:
Michael A. Minnucci’s mugshot. Credit: The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man for allegedly making disturbing threats towards deputies.

Deputies arrested Michael A. Minnucci, 52, on Tuesday after several specific 911 calls had been made directing threats toward the sheriff’s office.

According to CCSO, the first call made by Minnucci was directed towards the phone operator, where he allegedly stated, “I’m going to light you on fire because I’m a cop, [expletive],” and “I’m going to kill you if you come near me.”

The arrest report then stated Minnucci called minutes later, where he mentioned several officers by name before declaring, “I want them beheaded,” “You are dead if you come near me” and “This is not a threat. It’s a fact.”

After another 10 minutes, Minnucci called the 911 operator again to threaten Sheriff Bill Prummell directly. According to deputies, he was recorded stating, “I want Bill Prummell executed for fondling me” and “I am going to commit arson on Bill Prummell.”

After his belligerent rants, operators reiterated that he was calling into the life-and-death emergency phone line, which, according to deputies, he was unwilling to hear.

According to the arrest report, Minnucci had prior experiences with deputies.

The CCSO dispatch team was able to pinpoint Minnucci’s exact location.

After being interviewed by deputies, Minnucci claimed calling the 911 hotline for legal advice.

He was arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 or E911 system.

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