Turning classic movies into new experiences; Naples Cinematheque partners with local theater

Writer: Elyssa Morataya
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The Naples Cinematheque and Paragon Theaters in Naples have collaborated for a year-long partnership.

“I’m trying to recreate the magic, especially for younger and older people. How exciting it was to go to the movies,” said David Garonzik, Co-Founder and CEO of the Naples Cinematheque.

Naples Cinematheque is a cinema company that exclusively works with different venues to provide a unique film experience.

To kick off the partnership, Paragon Theaters is showcasing several iconic films that inspired director Quentin Tarantino.

The first series began on March 25, with the theater showing six films for three weeks, and it kicked off with Tarantino’s two-part “Kill Bill” movies.

Showtimes are 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays at Paragon Theater in Naples for other films in the series, which will continue with the “Godfather” series.

Garonzik hopes that with the new partnership, he can expose younger generations to the love of cinema.

“There’s an older clientele that really praises these classic films,” said Garonzik, “but there’s also this great young community here looking for cultural events and wants to connect with these sort of classic films from the past.”

Garonzik is planning a lot more fun for the next year or so. Garonzik has a whole lineup of ideas on the way.

The Godfather trilogy starts April 15 and ends April 22.

“Who doesn’t love to go into a dark, air-conditioned room with the smell of popcorn and be taken back in time? I mean, how magical is that?” said Garonzik.

Garonzik founded the Naples Cinematheque after seeing a lack of cinematic experiences available in Naples. He said he wants to share his love of films with the Naples community.

“That’s kind of what brought me to Naples. I wanted to bring to the community of Naples the 100-year history of cinema, especially because now we’re in this golden age of restoration,” Garonzik said, “so I wanted to present to the community all these amazing, amazing films back on the big screen. They were meant to be seen.”

Garonzik said future plans for the Naples Cinematheque include a boutique, a repertory and a revival theater to open in the Bayshore Arts District.

“Take a chance. Go into the theater. Spend an afternoon and see something that you’ve never seen before,” said Garonzik. “For you, it’s a brand new movie, and it’ll look like a brand new movie because of these restorations.”

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