Parents react to bill requiring education of communism in k-12

Reporter: Amy Galo
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As a 5-year-old in Florida, you have three key things to learn: your ABCs, 1-2-3’s, and communism.

On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law requiring public schools to teach the history of communism.

“You don’t put little kids through that. Let them learn a little bit and play,” said Cape Coral resident Alfonso Gonzalez.

WINK News reporter Amy Galo spoke with parents curious about how the curriculum would work for younger children.

“You teach a five-year-old that poison is bad. You teach them that a gun can be bad, that a knife can hurt them.” said Cape Coral resident Humberto Gomez, “I think it’s exactly the same with communism.”

It seems Gov. DeSantis agrees with Gomez. By the 2026-2027 school year, students K through 12 will begin to learn about communism.

Gonzalez says he can’t wrap his brain around it.

“It is heavy for grown-ups, much less a little kid. A little kid doesn’t have, shouldn’t have to deal with it,” said Gonzalez

Humberto and his wife Sandra have a different take. They moved to Cape Coral from Cuba.

“it should be taught to kids and younger generations so they can be careful, be alert, and not be tricked,” said Gomez

Which is precisely DeSantis’ goal.

“We are going to tell the truth about the evils of communism. We are going to tell the truth about the unprecedented death toll of the 20th century at the hands of communist tyranny,” said Governor DeSantis.

Although it may be a tough topic to discuss with young children, Cuban immigrant Henry Leal says it’s an important lesson.

“If we don’t explain this earlier, once they get to the university, it will be kind of late for them to understand the reality,” said Leal.

Of course, the lessons will have to be age—and developmentally appropriate.

They will discuss the history of communism in the United States and domestic communist movements.

The Florida Department of Education has until the 2026-2027 school year to develop standards for schools to follow.

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