Overcoming addiction: One former addict is helping others stay clean

Author: Jillian Hagerty
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One woman is using her battle with addiction to save the lives of others. A battle Bethany Clark never thought she would survive herself.

“It was the most devastating feeling to wake up knowing death was so peaceful,” said Clark.

Clark told WINK News reporter Jillian Haggerty she wasn’t always an addict.

“I had a great life early on,” said Clark.

It wasn’t until she started taking painkillers after multiple surgeries. Little did she know, that was the beginning of her addiction.

“I was numbing emotional pain,” said Clark.

Unaware of the dangerous path she was about to fall into.

“I didn’t think that I was an addict, and it really takes time to focus on yourself and say, okay, you are an addict,” said Clark.

Clark says she broke relationships and hurt those who loved her the most.

“Still have some wreckage to clean up and I have a 12-year-old son who I haven’t seen in twelve years or probably longer. His stepmom adopted him ’cause it’s my fault, things that I did, I have to face up to that.”

Drugs took over Clark’s life, That is, until she found the strength to get help through a drug court program and St. Matthews.

“I used to think it was a clique saying where it says just surrender, you know, and recovery, but it’s just that surrendering,” she said.

Clark has been clean since 2021, and now she focuses on getting others clean, too.

“I was playing Russian Roulette with my life every day with drugs and knowing how these women hurt here, you know, that I manage as their case manager. I remind myself every day, there is no other life I wanna live than this one right now,” said Clark.

Bethany wants to continue sharing her story, giving hope to those struggling. Clark is living proof that with the right help, guidance, and support, anything is possible.

You just have to ask for help.

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