Exercising gun safety for children

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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Following the events involving a 4-year-old shooting a 2-year-old in the hand in Charlotte County, the emphasis on teaching gun safety to kids is paramount.

Fortunately, the child is expected to survive the shooting after the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office was called to Pulaski St. in Port Charlotte shortly after 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

While it may be seen as exaggerated, according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, from 2003-2021, a total of 1,262 fatal unintentional firearm injury cases among children aged 0–17 years.

The research further found that over 90% of guns used in such shooting deaths were left unlocked and loaded, as children often mistake the weapons for toys.

For gun-owning homes, KidsHealth.org suggests doing the following steps to minimize the threat of an accidental shooting:

  • The gun needs to be stored, unloaded, and locked up.
  • The bullets must be locked up away from the gun.
  • Only parents or responsible adults should know how to unlock the storage boxes.
  • Never get the gun out unless a parent or another responsible adult is with you.
  • Stay away from guns. If you see a gun somewhere, get away and tell an adult. 
  • Explain to your kids how a gun they see on television or a video game is different from a gun in real life.

Talking to your children about gun safety may seem obvious; however, keeping them informed and aware may prevent shooting incidents.

While we may not know how the Saturday shooting occurred or whether the two children involved are related, WINK News will continue to work and provide updates whenever the information becomes available.

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