Flash flood causes storm drainage concerns for Naples couple  

Reporter: Ashley French Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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The rain chronicles continue in Southwest Florida. The constant rainfall has caused several roadways, homes, and businesses to flood. 

One couple, named one who lives in Naples Park, says the flooding has caused major concerns for their home and neighborhood. 

Charlie and his fiancé Julia have been living in their Naples home for over a year. Both say the weather and property haven’t been the best.

“What we’ve been experiencing is, whenever there’s a couple hours of rain, we get a tremendous amount of standing water in our neighborhood, said Charlie. The water comes up over a driveway, and even the sidewalks get flooded with at least a foot or two of standing water.”

Even after several weeks of on-and-off rainfall.

The water still stands, making it a breeding ground for mosquitos and even dead animals. 

“I don’t know where that dead cat came up from but it definitely wasn’t in our yard this morning,” Charlie. When we got home after the rain, it had now made its way into our yard.”

Charlie and Julia say the cause behind this is due to damage in the storm drainage, leaving their property and others in flood water. 

Our neighbor across the street has been here for 25 years. She told WINK News that she had never seen the water come this high before,” said Charlie. She had never seen the culvert system this flooded before.”

Both have contacted several agencies throughout the county to address the issue in hopes of solving it. So far, they have had no luck.

“We called the county to let them know. And here we are, what like 30 days later, and still nothing has been done about it,” said Julia.

  For us not to be able to have a solution is very troubling.” 

“We’re paying upwards of $7,000 in property taxes. It just seems like a whole lot of money to not get any help from someone who says they’re going to be here for us,” said Charlie. 

With the rain and hurricane season here. 

Both of them are urging the county to fix the problem sooner rather than later. 

“It’s their job to come out,” said Charlie. “I know there are a ton of good people in the county who do great work every single day. So I just need a response. I don’t need I don’t need it to be a huge issue. I just want it to be resolved. So it makes Naples Park better and makes Collier County better.” 

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