Heavy rain floods Palm Beach Boulevard

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As Southwest Florida experiences heavy rainfall, road conditions have been severely impacted, turning areas like Palm Beach Boulevard into a waterway over the weekend.

Flash flooding caused some traffic delays and road closures across Southwest Florida.

Several cars drove slowly and cautiously through the flooded streets on Palm Beach Boulevard on Sunday.

Palm Beach Boulevard is also notorious for vehicle crashes, which, combined with road flooding, can create a dangerous cocktail for motorists.

Some made it out okay, and others didn’t. One tow truck was brought out to tow some cars off the road, causing traffic to wait to move until the cars were towed.

The flooding has also impacted local businesses and residential areas in or near downtown Fort Myers, which caused some people to question the city’s drainage system.

The Florida Department of Transportation planned to make safety improvements, including upgrading crosswalks, medians, signage, and pavement markings, during the latter half of 2024.

FDOT has not specified whether the abovementioned improvements will help reduce street flooding.

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