What’s next for Joe Biden after debate performance?

Reporter: Emma Heaton
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A poor showing on the debate stage is raising the question: Will President Joe Biden drop out of the race?

Among Democratic voters, 45% believe the president should step aside and not be the nominee, but Biden is showing no signs of dropping from the race.

Democrats are standing up for President Biden, some even saying it’s not his fault.

John Morgan, founder of “the nation’s largest” personal injury law firm Morgan and Morgan, blames Biden’s advisors for Thursday night’s poor showing rather than the president himself.

On X, Morgan posted, “If political malpractice was possible, Biden has a case.”

He later told the New York Times, “It would be like if you took a prizefighter who was going to have a title fight, put him in a sauna for 15 hours, and then said, ‘Go fight.’

Morgan’s comments suggest that if Democrats take his advice, Biden should stay in the race while those who prepared him for the debate should be replaced.

A new CBS “You Gov” poll shows President Joe Biden is defying public opinion by staying in the race.

In February, 63% of registered voters thought Biden should step down. After the debate, that number rose to 72%

Republicans and some Democrats blame Biden’s age for his poor performance, but Morgan blames President Biden’s team.

Political expert and UCF professor Aubrey Jewett said that while Morgan is a well-known fundraiser for democratic candidates, “He is just one voice about what went wrong, and quite frankly, I haven’t seen too many other people blaming the prep team. I mean, most people are blaming the president.”

How the president looked and sounded was important to voters.

“It wasn’t a lack of policy detail that people were talking about the next day. [It] was the fact that he looked like a frail, old, disoriented person very frequently during that debate, and I don’t think he can blame that too much on the prep team,” Jewett said.

We asked Jewett if we could see a divide among the Democratic party. He suspects some division in the short run, then predicts Democrats will coalesce and support President Biden.

The White House declined to comment on Morgan’s post.

We reached out to Morgan by phone and email and didn’t hear back.

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