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How to stay up to date with latest Hurricane Ian updates when the power goes out

When the power goes out, your mobile device is the best form of receiving life-saving information and incoming severe weather alerts. With WINK, you have three ways to access information from Southwest Florida’s Weather Authority in addition to on-air and on the radio. WINK’s weather technology brings up-to-the-minute forecasts to your mobile device, sending you […]

Stock up on emergency supplies before a hurricane strikes

Supplies are a critical part of every family’s health and safety and should be gathered well in advance of hurricane season each year. Once a storm is imminent, time to shop will be limited, and if supplies are even available, you will have to search for them. It’s advised you have enough supplies to get […]

Healthy hurricane preparation

Staying healthy, no matter what is happening in our environment, can be challenging particularly if we are stressed by nature in the form of a hurricane. No one can completely predict a hurricane season’s events. What we can and should do is be prepared. Knowing we are ready is comforting. More importantly, preparation will bode […]

Know when to evacuate

Don’t be lulled into a sense of false security: Now is the time to set a plan before the next major hurricane hits Southwest Florida. What to do when a hurricane is 6 hours from arriving If you’re not in an area that is recommended for evacuation, plan to stay at home or where you […]

Prepare your pets

When a hurricane is blowing in, Florida residents know firsthand how to be prepared and ready for almost anything the wind and rain brings. Your family preparedness needs to also include your pets. As the saying goes, prepare for the worst and make sure your pets are included in those plans. Leaving your pets behind […]

Preparing your family

Some disasters strike without any warning, and family members may not all be in the same place. How will you get in touch with each other? Where will you meet? What if your neighborhood is being evacuated? It’s important to make a plan now so that you will know what to do, how to find […]

Review your insurance

Insurance policy details are critical. Before a storm strikes, it is important to review your policy. Remember: If Florida is under a hurricane watch or warning, it is likely too late to purchase insurance. Here are some details to review about your insurance: Windstorm insurance typically carries a much higher deductible than other coverage. Take […]

SWFL shelter information

If an evacuation order has been issued, officials stress that you make every effort to leave the area. If you must go to a shelter, here are some important things for you to consider: Shelters are not hotels! They will not be able to provide you with any conveniences or luxuries. Bring your family’s disaster […]

10 questions for assisted living/nursing care facilities

From the Lee County Department of Public Safety: Does the facility have an approved Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan? If yes, may I see a copy of the approval letter? If no, ask them why, as it is required. Do you maintain a minimum 72-hour supply of food, water, medications, etc. for each resident? Do you […]

Prepare your boat

Southwest Florida, with its inland waterways and profusion of land slightly above sea-level, presents a particular vulnerability for boats during tropical storms and hurricanes. The geography here simply offers little protection. The keys to protecting your boat from hurricanes or any severe weather are planning, preparation and timely action. The following precautions and checklists are […]