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Gateway High School set to open next year with new technology that makes it safe

Gateway High School is set to open its doors next school year with new technology meant to keep it safe. Officials celebrated its ribbon-cutting on Wednesday. The school will be home to 1,200 students and is designed with student safety in mind. New technology installed is focused on protection after the shooting at Parkland’s Marjory […]

Lee County promises best academics, security for new Gateway High School

The Gateway community is finally getting its own high school: Wednesday is the ribbon-cutting for Gateway High School, which will accommodate up to 2,000 students and take the pressure off other crowded schools nearby. This school is going to offer a cybersecurity program that will help kids get jobs right out of school, in addition […]

Lee County school district to spend $175,000 on construction site bothering neighbors

The new Gateway High School in Lee County is under construction, and homeowners next door say it’s getting closer and closer to them. But the School District of Lee County says it’s now spending $175,000 to create a buffer. We visited the school construction site along State Road 82 at the corner with Griffin Drive […]

Groundbreaking on Gateway High School begins Wednesday

Wednesday is the groundbreaking of Lee County’s newest, most secure high school that will soon be home to 2,000 students with programs like cybersecurity and medicine. The location of the new school is a cause for celebration and concern. Gateway High School will be located off State Road 82 and Griffin Drive. SR-82 already gets […]