Postal service mistake or criminal act?

Author: Andrew Scheinthal
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FORT MYERS, Fla.- Is it a mail mix-up or something else?

Brenda Chambers sent a package through the post office only to find her items missing and someone else’s things inside.

“Pick up whatever is yours, I don’t know what all belongs, whatever you identify, I know this is what I called you from,” said Brenda Chambers to Luigi Pagano, as they passed items back and forth to each other.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s my phone book,” said Pagano.

Chambers and Pagano didn’t plan on meeting. When asked if they believe someone went through their packages sent through the Untied States Postal Service, Pagano said, “Oh, absolutely, they had too.”  Chambers added, “we don’t know each other so they would have had to go in the box.”

Chambers sent herself a package from Saint Louis while Pagano did the same from Chicago.

When Chambers received her package, she knew something was not right. She just moved to Fort Myers permanently.  Chambers, a tax preparer, now says all of her customers’ information is missing.

“All of those files are missing, all the checks.”

Including social security numbers for more than 25 people.

She was able to contact Pagano because somehow, some of his belongings made it into her box, including his blank checks and phone book.

“Brenda called me,” said Pagano. “Which was very nice of her to do that, and here I am.”

The two of them believe this is no accident.

“They must have opened the package. They would have had to,” said Pagano.

Chambers added, “It’s intentional, because the checks shouldn’t be missing.”

WINK News has reached out to the postal service. They say this mix-up and loss of items is not foul play, but a reason behind this incident has not yet been given.

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