Beach scape project helps preserve sand on Fort Myers Beach

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FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.-  The Town of Fort Myers Beach is working to preserve its beach sand. They are putting several different kinds of plants outside of beach front homes to collect blowing sand and fight against erosion. It’s all part of a beach scape project to help keep our shoreline healthy. WINK News found out, you buy the plants, and the town will plant them.

“The plants have been amazingly successful,” said homeowner Bill Veach.

As a way to help build up the shoreline on Fort Myers Beach, the plants were put in to act as a sand trap.

“Within a month or two of being planted and raise the sand levels, sometimes by up to a foot.”

Native plants such as sea oats, and railroad vine were planted outside Bill Veach’s house at the Connecticut Street beach access.

“They do give just a little more protection against erosion, they protect my property,” Veach told WINK News.

Pictures show just how much of the beach sand was washed away after Tropical Storm Debby.

“These pilings were sitting about bar height and since then they have gathered so much sand, you can only see about 2 feet.”

Veach spent $700 to start the renourishment of the beach outside of his home. Plants now grow dunes and keep the beach intact.

“I’m a big proponent of natural solutions.”

This doesn’t replace a typical beach renourishment project that cost millions of dollars.

“It should be government funded, or done down the coastline or not at all,” said islander Anita Lee.

But some say the plants are taking up the public part of the beach.

“It’s encroaching on the beach because it seems like the property owners are increasing their lot size,” said Donald Lee.

Homeowners can take part in the project and buy plants for one dollar each. All you have to do is contact the town’s Marine Resource Task Force.

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