Holiday crook returns stolen Christmas decoration

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LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- A holiday crook changed his mind after stealing a Christmas display from a Southwest Florida family.

Brand new video shows the thief returning the decorations. He says he saw our story on WINK News and felt terrible about what he did.

“Thank you for bringing Santa!” said Gabby.

Two-year-old Gabby was thankful to have her Santa back as Christmas came early for Carlos Giraldo’s family. They say the Grinch who stole their decorations had a change of heart.

Video from a security camera shows a husband and a wife knocking on the family’s door and returning the Santa snow globe they had taken from the front yard.

“The guy had the globe in his hands. He immediately put it on the floor and said ‘here I’m bringing it back, I’m so sorry.'” He was very apologetic,” said Brenda Davila.

“They said they were watching the news and they saw themselves all over the news. They’re not bad people, they have three kids on their own and they wanted to make things right… so they brought it back,” said Giraldo.

The couple says the best part was telling their daughter about the Christmas miracle that just happened.

“Telling her Santa came back, he came back,” said Davila. “She’s so happy, she said ‘Santa’s back!'”

“It’s priceless because all you want is for your kid to happy,” said Giraldo.

The act also restored the family’s faith in the goodness of people and even in the Grinch who tried to steal their Christmas.

“I’m glad they brought it back. People make mistakes, I won’t judge anyone,” said Giraldo.

The family says at this point, they do not plan to press charges against the thief.

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