New technology helps patients with disabilities get back on their feet

Author: Andrew Scheinthal
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FORT MYERS, Fla.-  New technology in Southwest Florida is helping patients get back on their feet after suffering a set back like a stroke. Doctors at Lee Memorial Hospital say the equipment is simple to use, yet also life-changing.

With three strokes in a week’s time, luck seemed to be against Ronald Gill.

“The two strokes were first, the third was on the operating table,” said Gill.

The strokes all occurred just after Halloween. Since then, Gill has been at Lee Memorial Hospital, getting back on his feet.

He’s using a new piece of equipment to do just that.

“It tells me where my weight is compared to normal.”

“This equipment here is a pressure mapping system,” said Kyle Amrine, Gill’s physical therapist.

Gill stands on a mat that shows where he’s distributing his weight.

“After a stroke, the patient is more dominant towards their side that is stronger. So they kind of deviate away from their affected side,” said Amrine.

Together, Gill is able to move his feet away, step forward, and do squats. All part of the process to help a patient relearn these simple tasks.

“Rewiring the brain, to work the muscle like it should,” said Gill.

The saying goes “one step at a time,” but in this case, it’s seeing that step that’s helping Gill move forward.

Doctors say the mat can be used to help patients with all kinds of disabilities, not just strokes.

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