Walmart check scam hitting SWFL

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- How does this sound– get paid $2,000 to be a secret shopper at one of the most popular stores in southwest Florida.

That attractive deal is actually one of the newest scams to hit our area.

“Opened the mailbox and besides getting the usual few bills, junk mail and stuff, I got this letter addressed to me,” said Don Monferdini.

Inside that letter was a nearly $2,000 check with the Walmart logo and was addressed to Monferdini.

“It looks real, it has the water marks,” said Monferdini.

Along with the check were instructions claiming Don was selected to be a Walmart mystery shopper. He was to deposit the check, keep $350, and use the rest for shopping in secret around the store.

“You were to go in, and what store to shop at, what merchandise to buy,” he said.

Don was also instructed to log in to an amateur looking website.

“It is very tempting. Everybody can use a few extra dollars,” said Monferdini.

Luckily, Don did some research and found Walmart is warning people online that it’s a big scam.

Walmart says they will never mail you a check and ask that you deposit it– in order to purchase an item.

“It does look legitimate and that is what throws people off sometimes,” said Beth Schell with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Schell says if someone were to deposit this check in to their bank account they would be held liable.

“Unfortunately, it falls back on us the consumer and we are responsible for re-paying the bank if the check is fraudulent,” said Schell.

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