‘Adopt-a-Beach’ program making a difference on Fort Myers Beach

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FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- You can now take part in taking care of our sandy beaches by adopting a beach! Beach ambassadors are being sought after to help with the do’s and the don’ts on the island. WINK News introduces you to the “Adopt-a-Beach” program.

“We want to make sure it remains clean and safe,” said Tree Andre with the Marine Resource Task Force.

These orange shirts are making a big statement on Fort Myers Beach. Volunteers who adopt sections of the beach wear them as they work to keep the shoreline clean and healthy.

“It’s about education, not law enforcement, it’s about teaching people the do’s and the don’ts,” said Andre.

Here’s how the program runs. Volunteers can either choose to adopt one or more beach accesses or simply walk the beach looking to help clean up and educate beach goers.

“That six pack container that gets left on the beach, it takes 400 years for that to get broken down,” Andre told WINK News.

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one day a week, for one year.

“The more people we have walking around, wearing these orange t-shirts, being responsible on the beach, the most visitors will be responsible.”

Bill Veech has spent days walking the beach, picking up trash, answering questions, and more.

“I have this big rack, I go and fill in some of the holes in the area,” said Veech.

The volunteers want to educate people breaking rules. They’re looking for people who leave trash, leave dog waste, feed the birds, and take live shells.

“It’s against the law, it’s a $500 fine, that’s a live shell.”

“Some people come with shovels like they are mining for something.”

So far, eight businesses and 20 people have already signed up.

“I’m thrilled, I want to hug them all, I’m tickled pink.”

“If you see somebody with a shirt, go talk to them,” said Veech.

It’s free to join the program.

There will be a training session held, but no date has been set. You are being asked to contact the Town of Fort Myers Beach, if you’re interested in the ‘Adopt-a-Beach’ program.

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