Pink Heals firefighters surprise Lee County deputy


LEE COUNTY, Fla.- It was the surprise of a lifetime! A Lee County deputy, who just won the battle against cancer was shocked when a pink fire truck showed up at her work. WINK News was there for the emotional meet and greet from Pink Heals.

It was something Lee County Deputy Meredith Whitmore had only seen on TV.

“I always thought that would be so cool to go in on, sign it and put my name on it,” said Whitmore.

Pink fire trucks, making personal visits to women battling or have won the fight against cancer.

“When I saw it over there, I said, ‘that’s that pink truck, what is going on?'”

“Suzy” is the name of the pink fire truck that came to spread a message of hope and love to Deputy Whitmore.

It was a secret plan carefully put together by her husband and it was pulled off flawlessly.

“I love him very much, I can’t believe he actually did something like this,” Whitmore told WINK News.

Deputy Whitmore was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2013, but, recently heard good news– she is now in remission.

“It was all in my lymph nodes.”

It was an emotional moment as fellow Lee County deputies and Fort Myers, Tice, and Pink Heals firefighters watched on, letting the deputy know she is not alone in her fight.

“It’s an honor to be out here, from he first day she found out she had it, up until today, she has shown nothing but courage and strength,” said Captain Scott Brock.

Deputy Whitmore and her husband, who is also a Lee County deputy, were both given a marker to sign their names on “Suzy” next to other people who have been affected by cancer.

“It just shows that cancer or an illness affects everybody. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they do,” said Keith Cortner with Pink Heals.

Deputy Whitmore has checkups every four months. They do say she is “high-risk,” but, Whitmore says she feels good.

Pink Heals vows to raise awareness for women fighting of all types of cancer.

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