Cape Coral residents complain about pile of trash sitting in street for weeks

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Residents of a local neighborhood have had enough. They want to know why a large mountain of trash has been sitting on the street for weeks.

The City of Cape Coral says it knows the pile of trash has been sitting out on the street since around April 10, but city officials say it isn’t anyone’s responsibility to clean it up.

From magazines to mattresses, old clothes and an awful odor. A mountain of trash has caused an eruption of anger.

“Even right now it smells,” said Daniel Daily.

Daily lives in the duplex where the trash is sitting out in front of. He says his neighbors were evicted and as a parting gift, they left behind a massive headache.

Now he wants to know why the trash is still sitting out front, 17 days after the city was first told about the mess.

“They emptied out a house and the trash and all the contents of the home is left out there,” said Paul White.

White is another frustrated neighbor. He says on windy days, it gets worse.

“It was a lot of paper out there, and the paper blew all over the neighborhood.”

The city directed us to Waste Pro, the company contracted to clean up trash.

Waste Pro representatives say jobs like this are not in their contract, but they won’t let the trash just sit there. They will clean it up as a courtesy.

“It’s an eyesore. No one here should have to see that,” said White.

Waste Pro went out to pick up the trash on April 21, but once they saw how large of a mess was left, they decided it was necessary to use bigger equipment. They say it’s a job that could cost up to $900.

“It’s been here for three weeks and I just want it gone,” said Daily.

A Waste Pro representative tells WINK News they will be out later this week to clean up the mess.

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