Students read more than one million minutes

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SAN CARLOS PARK, Fla. – Tuesday marked a big milestone for San Carlos Park Elementary students, as they celebrated reading more than one million minutes since January.

For the third year in a row, students accepted the challenge from their principal, Mrs. Saldivar, or “The Minutes Menace.” Students had to collectively log the amount of time they spent reading and come up with one million by the end of the school year.

Once again the students accomplished their goal and actually surpassed it by reading more than 1,161,573 minutes.

“I challenged them and they surpassed it, they’re phenomenal, this is a phenomenal group of students, we just have a lot of fun and look forward to this time of year,” said Saldivar.

The super hero readers took down “The Minute Menace,” and were rewarded with a super hero themed day of activities and celebration. In case you’re wondering, it would take just one person 694 days to read one million minutes by themselves.

One Million Minutes

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