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“Wrongfully accused,” says attorney for Sievers murder suspect

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LEE COUNTY, Fla.- The attorney for one of two Missouri men accused of killing Dr. Teresa Sievers says his client was “wrongfully accused.”

Wayne Wright is currently being held in the Jefferson County jail on no bond. Lee County deputies arrested him last week on second degree murder charges.

Wright is the childhood friend of Teresa Sievers’ husband, Mark Sievers.

Wright’s attorney Daris Almond says he believes in Wright’s innocence, saying “evidence will clearly show Wright did not participate in the crime.”

He added, “the state cannot prove any involvement beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Wright is due in court on September 15 for a bond hearing.

It’s been exactly one week since Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott announced the arrests. The other suspect, Jimmy Rodgers, is also locked up in Missouri.

Lee County detectives say this investigation is far from over.


Sheriff Scott says they’re not ruling anything out when it comes to the potential of more suspects in Sievers’ brutal murder,

We asked Sheriff Scott if he believes anyone else was inside the Sievers home when she was murdered.

“Well we have not ruled that out. We have not ruled out any other involvement at any level,” said Scott.

Sheriff Scott says they have a very large envelope of suspicion.

“You look at family, immediate friends, close friends, you look at business associates and things of that nature,” said Scott.

Wednesday, a federal judge sentenced Rodgers to six months in federal prison for a probation violation in an unrelated case.

Deputies say Rodgers visited Florida back in June when he allegedly killed Sievers.

“All of the evidence that we have collected, whether it is Rodgers, Wright or otherwise, is significant as I have said early on, there is a lot of it. We still have, as I stand here with you right now, evidence being processed,” said Scott.

There are now questions swirling about Sievers’ husband Mark. Did he know the two suspects?

WINK News is learning Wright and Sievers’ husband have been friends since childhood. But a neighbor of Rodgers in Missouri says she has seen Mark Sievers at Rodgers’ trailer before.

“Our team has put it all out and our foot is on the gas pedal. We want to get to the finish line, of course, where we think we have it wrapped up, but we are not there yet,” said Scott.

At this point in the case, Sheriff Scott could not confirm or deny if Sievers had a life insurance policy or if she had a new life insurance policy.