WINK News in Cuba: Preview of Pope Francis’ historic visit

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HAVANA- WINK News is covering a historic moment in Cuba like no other station in Southwest Florida.

In two days, Pope Francis will arrive in the island nation,hoping to shape and improve the relationship between Cuba and the United States.

A media center in Havana is full of press from all over the world, ready to cover the pope’s arrival.

Pope Francis is present all over Cuba, hailed as a hero and inspiring many in the country. Posters picturing the pope are plastered throughout Havana and crowds have already begun gathering in places the pope is expected to visit starting Saturday.

Many Cubans venerate Pope Francis because of the role he’s played in restoring relations with the U.S. Long before Pope Francis was pope, he wrote a book about a visit Pope John Paul II made to Cuba, where he first called for the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Some of the next steps in improving relations include making it easier for Americans to visit and complete business in Cuba, adding regularly scheduled commercial flights and a mail service to the island. Many Cubans passionately believe without Pope Francis, these changes would not have been possible.

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