Lee County bus driver explains viral photo


CAPE CORAL, Fla.- WINK News is getting more answers to a story sparking a social media firestorm.

You, the viewers, were the first to bring this story to our attention over the weekend.

Tuesday, the district confirmed they were investigating allegations a driver had her pants down, after a photo surfaced on Facebook.

The driver says, there is an explanation for that. Wednesday, Jamie Michael, union president for School District Supporting Personnel sat down with WINK News, claiming she spoke with the driver in question.

The driver alleges in that photo, “that she was on standby time, that she was sitting on the bus stairs, and she had ripped her pants that day,” said Michael.

The viewer who took the picture, spoke with WINK News on Monday, and says that’s not what he saw.

“I saw her with her pants down, sitting right underneath the steps of the bus, and I saw her peeing,” said Anthony.

We addressed concerns viewers had with the union, over the amount of skin shown in the picture.

“It looks like there is some skin there, but she pulled her shirt tail out to cover it up because she didn’t have time to go home, to change clothes,” said Michael.

The president says the driver assured her kids were not able to see the rip.

” I really don’t think that was happening, I think someone just assumed that was happening, because of the rip in her pants,” said Michael.

“Everyone keeps asking me, ‘how did you that’s what she was doing?’ But you could tell that’s what was happening,” said Anthony when he first spoke out about the picture.

Michael said bus drivers only get about 20 minutes of standby time, and that’s why the driver did not have time to change her pants. She also mentioned that drivers are allowed to use school bathrooms, a question many had on social media.

Although the district has opened an official investigation, there is no timetable as to when the investigation may be complete. The bus driver’s name has not been released.



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